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How Can You Maximize Space in Your Mobile Medical Van?

Are you interested in learning about how to maximize space in your mobile medical van? Read this article to learn about the best ways to do that.
Mobile Medical Clinic Van

There are many benefits to having a mobile medical van to provide healthcare to patients around Canada. However, sometimes space in the van may feel a bit limited if you don’t know how to use it to its fullest potential. This may cause things to feel crowded and uncomfortable for patients and your healthcare team.

At MoveMobility, the entire focus of our organization is to remove barriers to healthcare and transportation. Our team spends countless hours designing mobile medical vans to perfection. Limited space should never be a concern that prevents you from considering purchasing one of these vehicles to provide healthcare to patients.

After reading this article, you’ll feel much more informed about how to maximize the space in mobile medical vans. 


Do mobile medical vans have limited space?

Mobile medical vans are great for bringing healthcare to both city streets and remote areas. One thing that some organizations wonder about is if there will be enough space inside of them to provide efficient healthcare. 

These vans usually roll around with a wheelbase of about 159 inches. Now, that might sound like car lingo, but basically, it’s the distance between the front and rear wheels.

Having a shorter wheelbase is a good thing, especially for reaching places with roads that make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster. The shorter wheelbase also makes them great for navigating bustling city blocks where bigger vehicles would often struggle.

Now, let’s talk about the space inside these vans. Since the wheelbase is shorter, the inside space needs to be used efficiently. It’s like a puzzle – every piece counts. You need to think creatively to fit all of your medical gear inside while keeping it comfy for both the patients receiving medical care and the healthcare team providing it.

Limited space doesn’t mean limited impact. It just means you’ve got to be organized about how you arrange things inside. 


How do mobile medical vans maximize impact with limited space?

When it comes to saving lives through accessible healthcare, the efficiency of mobile medical vans plays a huge role. Let’s dive into how to maximize impact of the space in your mobile medical van.


Choosing the right material

Aluminum is the best material for mobile medical vans. Why? Because it takes up less space and can be custom-designed to fit the van perfectly. Unlike materials such as wood that gobble up precious room, aluminum ensures every nook and cranny is optimized.


Standard sizing 

Think about this: You build a storage space tailored for a specific item, and down the road, that item changes size or becomes irrelevant due to evolving services. What happens? The space becomes a wasted asset. It pays to be savvy about standard sizing. It ensures that spaces are versatile and adaptable for the long haul.


Long-term vision

As an organization that provides mobile healthcare services, you need to make sure you’re not just thinking about today; you must also envision the future. While it’s easy to get caught up thinking about and addressing the immediate needs of your patients, you need to anticipate how that will change over time. 

Currently, your goals might be to just provide basic healthcare checkups to patients in remote areas. In 10 years from now, that might change.

When you consider its long-term use, you have to make sure every square inch of your mobile medical van is a valuable asset that contributes to your mission of accessible healthcare for all.


Collaboration with engineering 

When working with a mobile medical van manufacturer, you’re in luck if you find one with a full engineering team that understands the intricacies of different healthcare services. 

They know exactly how to layout the van for maximum efficiency. From storage solutions to ergonomic design, every aspect is crafted with precision. This ensures the space is not just used but used intelligently.


How do you navigate mobile medical van design challenges?


Aluminum storage cabinets inside Mobile Medical Clinic Van
Spacious interior with floor to ceiling cabinetry


If you’re currently in the research stage of navigating mobile medical van design challenges, keep reading to ensure you’re steering in the right direction. 


Understanding the purpose

First and foremost, figure out the primary purpose of your medical van. Is it geared towards providing healthcare or primary care, or is it hitting the road for outreach programs? This decision shapes the entire layout of the van. Also, consider whether you’ll need an exam bed or removable seats, as each influences the available space differently.

Always let your organization’s purpose guide your design decisions.


How many people will be in the van?

Another consideration is how many people there will be in the van at any given time. If the number exceeds two, installing a seat in the back becomes a necessity. Sure, it takes up space, but fear not – it’s removable and grants you the flexibility to adapt the van to different needs. 


Always keep flexibility in mind

In the dynamic world of mobile medical vans, flexibility is something that should never be ignored. Designs should be adaptable, considering the ever-changing nature of healthcare and outreach. A well-thought-out layout allows you to juggle between different setups seamlessly, maximizing the use of your limited space.

Keep in mind that designing medical vans is a bit like a balancing act at the circus. You’re juggling the needs of healthcare, the comfort of your patients, and the limitations of space. Embrace the challenge with open arms, and remember, every design decision should serve a purpose – either creating space or utilizing it efficiently.


How can innovative mobile medical van design help overcome space challenges?

In the quest to make healthcare accessible to all, we understand the importance of overcoming space challenges in mobile medical vans. Innovative design plays an important role in tailoring vehicles to meet the diverse needs of your patients. At this point, you’re probably wondering what types of designs can help overcome space challenges in medical vans. Let’s take a look at a few.


1. Mobile clinic with side ramp and doors

Our team at MoveMobility is actively working on a groundbreaking design for a mobile clinic. This unique approach involves incorporating a side ramp and doors dedicated to wheelchair access. This thoughtful design ensures that individuals with mobility challenges can seamlessly enter the clinic without hindrance.


2. Two-room configuration for enhanced privacy

We’re aware of the need for privacy during medical examinations. That’s why we’re in the process of developing another unit with a distinct layout. This innovative design features a swing door positioned in the middle of the vehicle, effectively dividing the space into two separate rooms.

The front section of the van serves as a comfortable waiting area, strategically located near the sliding door for easy access. This ensures a welcoming environment for patients as they enter.

The rear section of the van is dedicated to the examination space. Here, you’ll find the exam bed along with essential amenities like a desk, fridge, and sink. This configuration optimizes the use of limited space while maintaining a functional and well-equipped medical environment.


Unlocking opportunities with MoveMobility


Mobile Medical Clinic Van


You made it to this article while looking for more information on how to make the most of the interior space in your mobile medical van. 

We’ve provided you with a few tidbits of advice and also left you with a few designs that we’re currently working on to improve the space in these vans even more.

In the world of mobile medical vans, where space is a premium, strategic choices in materials and design can make a world of difference. Our team at MoveMobility never likes seeing barriers getting in the way of medical care. 

That’s why we’re not just navigating the present; we’re steering toward a future where accessibility knows no bounds. Because in the confined space of a van, that’s where organizations like yours are making room for hope, health, and a better tomorrow.If you’ve been wondering about the space inside mobile medical vans, there’s a good chance you’re also interested in what they cost. Take a look at our article on how much a mobile medical van costs in 2024 for more information.




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