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Russ Evans, an Mobile Medical and Outreach Champion at MoveMobility, is passionate about helping people in need. With a background in emergency response, he’s dedicated to keeping individuals out of emergency rooms when they don’t need to be there. Russ believes in bringing care directly to people, addressing issues before they escalate into emergencies, and ensuring they receive timely and appropriate care. His expertise lies in patient transfer, outreach, mitigation, and medical clinics, contributing to MoveMobility’s mission of providing accessible healthcare solutions to communities.

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What happens if you submit the form?

We understand that you don’t want to receive multiple phone calls, emails or spam. You just want to speak to a commercial mobility specialist who can answer your questions about accessible and mobile medical vans.

If you submit the form or request more information from us, here’s what will happen:

  • Within one business day, you’ll receive a phone call from one of our commercial mobility specialists at the phone number you provide. Click here to Meet the Team.
  • If we miss you on the phone, you’ll receive a voice message to call us back. You’ll also get an email to let you know we tried to connect but missed you.
  • Once we’ve connected, your commercial mobility specialist will have a few questions for you to understand what type of vehicle you’re looking for help with.
If at any point during the process you feel we’re just not the right fit for your community or organization, just let us know. 


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