B&D 6-Way Transfer Seat Base


The 6-Way Transfer Seat Base from B&D Independence allows individuals using a wheelchair or mobility device to easily transfer into the front passenger or driver seat of a wheelchair accessible lowered floor vehicle. The Transfer Seat Base simplifies the transfer process and accommodates safe maneuvering without the struggle of odd angles and limited space. It can be fitted in either the driver or passenger seat positions, turns at a 180-degree angle and lowers to your wheelchair or sitting position to comfortably transfer into the seat. Riding and driving from the factory seat is recommended, for safety; factory seating has seat mounted airbags and better seat belt functions.

* Compatible with most makes and models of accessible lowered floor vehicles
* 24 Months Transfer Seat Base Warranty


  • Uses factory seat
  • Movements personalized to your needs
  • Leg room and comfort
  • Adjustable seat tilt
  • Rear seating or floor space is not affected
  • Seatback reclines completely
  • Side mounted switchbox or coiled cord handheld pendant options


  • 350 lbs. Maximum Occupant Weight Capacity (as the person transfers from their wheelchair to the B&D seat)
  • 180° turning power, 100° swivel
  • Custom colours to suit your vehicle's interior
  • Equipped with an emergency back-up system
  • Vehicle power is not drained while seat not in use


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