Different Apps that Wheelchair Users can Find Useful…


App attaches to your wheelchair and tracks accelerations, speed and incline. The sensors calculate additional muscle use when crossing different terrains. Healthcare professionals can manage data such as heart rate monitoring in addition with daily movement by the app communicating with the wearables


The app allows users to find accessible locations or to add their own worldwide. The app features pictures and a comment section. Need to plan a travel destination or socialize around the town? It’s getting much easier now for mobility individuals!


A great app that will let users locate everyday services such as parking spaces and public washrooms. It’s a time value app without the hassle of searching the internet to find a spot or phoning around the city.


Specifically designed to track wheelchair fitness activities and workouts. It’s capable of sensing all movements while you drive a wheelchair through a variety of workout environments. Speed and distance is easily tracked alongside acceleration. It will measure: total strokes, strokes per minute, wheelies, turns, spins, average speed, total active minute and new workout accomplishments.

iFall or Fall Detection

The phone’s accelerometer will detect if a fall has occurred and will alert an emergency contact depending on the user’s response. If the user responds to the system it will enable a speakerphone immediately. If a fall did indeed occur, the appropriate emergency service will be alerted.

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