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How Much Does a Mobile Medical Van Cost in Toronto?

Read this article to learn all about the mobile medical van cost in Toronto. You’ll also learn about some of the costs of customizing these vehicles.
Mobile Medical Clinic Van looking inside bright, clean office space from the rear with doors open

Is your organization looking to purchase a mobile medical van in the Toronto area? Unfortunately, some organizations aren’t fully transparent about their pricing on these vehicles. If you don’t know about the mobile medical van cost in Toronto, it can lead to problems in securing funding or grants. It also makes it feel like you’re playing a game blindfolded or driving without a map.

At MoveMobility, we’re all about transparency, and we know that mobile medical vehicles are a big investment. We want your organization to have an idea of what you can expect to spend on a mobile medical van so you’re not walking into something blindly. 

We’ve been in the industry for 10+ years and manufacture mobile medical vehicles and wheelchair accessible vans for organizations all over North America. Keep reading to learn more about the costs involved with one of these innovative vehicles.

Keep in mind that all prices discussed in this article will vary, are subject to change, and are for informational purposes only.


Why are mobile medical vans important in Toronto?

The population of Toronto is over 6,400,000. Toronto’s population diversity requires flexible healthcare options, and that makes these vans indispensable for reaching every community.

In a city like Toronto with so many people, mobile medical vans are important for several reasons.

1. On-the-go healthcare

  • Brings healthcare directly to the people, adapting to their fast-paced lives.
  • It saves time and effort and makes it convenient for busy city dwellers.


2. Traffic and accessibility

  • Vans can easily navigate through traffic to reach patients promptly.
  • Overcomes transportation hurdles in densely populated areas.
  • With neighborhoods spread across a vast area, mobile medical vans reduce travel barriers and ensure that healthcare is accessible to all.


3. Non-emergency response

  • Ensures swift medical attention during medical situations in a busy city where every second counts.
  • They’re an important component of the urban healthcare system. They fill gaps in situations that require immediate care when people can’t access hospitals.


4. Catering to diverse communities

  • Customizes healthcare services to meet the diverse needs of Toronto’s population.
  • Promotes inclusivity, reaching out to different cultural and linguistic groups.


5. Preventive healthcare in the urban rush

  • Facilitates preventive care amidst the hectic urban lifestyle.
  • Encourages regular health check-ups, contributing to overall well-being.


6. Targeted community impact

  • Adapts to localized health challenges, addressing specific issues prevalent in the city.
  • Fosters community health, recognizing and responding to unique health concerns.


What is the cost of a mobile medical van in Toronto?

The table below includes the mobile medical van cost of various units in Toronto. The final cost typically depends on the level of customization you want out of your vehicle.



Cost range

Mobile Clinic Van

$160,000 – $270,000

Mobile Outreach Van

$160,000 – $230,000

Mobile Response Van

$160,000 – $250,000

Mobile Mitigation Van

$160,000 – $170,000


Let’s take a closer look at each van so you have a better idea of what it’s applicable to.


Mobile Clinic Van


Mobile Medical Clinic Van
Mobile Clinic Van – Patent pending


What is it? A basic doctor’s office on wheels.

Why Toronto? The van is great for areas with limited access or transportation to healthcare facilities.

Applicability: Ideal for routine check-ups, vaccinations, and basic medical services.


Mobile Outreach Van


Back view of Mobile Outreach Van for indigenous communities


What is it? The Mobile Outreach Van is used for overdose prevention, harm reduction, housing, mental health, and addiction counseling.

Why Toronto? Around 20% of people residing in Toronto experience mental illness every year. Organizations can use the Mobile Outreach Van to address diverse urban challenges and support vulnerable populations.

Applicability: This van is for programs offering a range of critical services to the community, including counseling, overdose prevention, housing, and mental health assistance.


Mobile Response Van


Interior of the Mobile Response Van
Patent pending


What is it? It’s similar to an ambulance but with a simplified treatment space for non-urgent medical needs and transportation.

Why Toronto? The Mobile Response Van helps take the load off of emergency medical services, especially in crowded urban areas like Toronto. Non-urgent cases can get medical care with the van so hospitals aren’t so crowded.

Applicability: It provides quick response to non-urgent medical situations, bridging the gap between emergencies and routine care.


Mobile Mitigation Van


The side entrance of the Mobile Mitigation van (MM Model), used for overdose prevention, pictured outside in the winter.
Mobile Mitigation Van – Patent pending


What is it? The Mobile Mitigation Van is used for supervised consumption, harm reduction, mental health, addiction counseling, and referral services.

Why Toronto? Overdose deaths rose by over 300% between 2015 and 2021 in Toronto. That’s 574 deaths that could have been potentially avoided if more organizations provided overdose prevention services with the Mobile Mitigation Van. 

Applicability: The van helps manage and mitigate the impact of substance abuse and mental health issues in communities.

Check out our video below for some more information on our mobile medical vans.



What are the costs of customizing a mobile medical van in Toronto?

Customizing your mobile health van in Toronto is more than just adding features; it’s about meeting the specific needs of the diverse communities within this vibrant city. Let’s explore the customization options and why they make sense for organizations in Toronto.

Please note that the prices mentioned in this section are subject to change and may vary. We recommend contacting us directly for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.


Awning – $5,000

Toronto experiences a wide range of weather conditions. An awning provides shelter during unpredictable weather and ensures that healthcare services can continue without interruption. It’s a practical choice to adapt to the city’s ever-changing climate.


Extra window – $2,700

With Toronto’s urban landscape, you’ll want more visibility for your patients and your healthcare team. An extra window enhances the interior brightness of the mobile clinic and creates a welcoming environment for patients. When your patients feel more welcomed and comfortable, they’ll have a better experience, leading to positive reviews.


Additional lighting options – $2,000

Toronto is similar to New York City in that it’s a city that never sleeps. That makes extra lighting a useful and practical customization option to consider. It ensures that healthcare services can be provided efficiently during late hours, meeting the diverse schedules of Toronto’s residents.


Individual seating options – $2,000

Toronto is a city that values diversity, and individual seating options cater to the varied needs of patients. Customizing seating ensures comfort for individuals with different preferences.


Equipment range – $3,400 – $101,000

Toronto’s healthcare needs are dynamic. From mini diagnostics to portable X-ray machines, customizing equipment allows organizations to meet the specific health challenges of many people in the city. This customization is an investment in providing cutting-edge healthcare solutions in a constantly growing city.


Tinting all windows on medicine cabinets and including locks – $2700

When you’re holding consultations with patients, it’s helpful if your medicine cabinets are locked and the windows are tinted. Tinted windows with locks ensure confidentiality and also act as a deterrent from potential theft.


Security grid bars to windows – $2,000

Toronto, like any major city, values safety. Security grid bars provide an additional layer of protection for both healthcare professionals and patients. This helps ensure a secure environment for mobile health services.


What other fees are there with your mobile medical van purchase?

Along with any customization fees that we’ve discussed previously, there are also a few other fees to keep in mind. The prices in this section are just rough estimates that are used as an example for his article. 


Delivery fee – $5,000

Delivering a customized mobile health van to organizations in Toronto requires seamless coordination. The delivery fee ensures that your tailored healthcare solution reaches its destination efficiently so that you’re ready to serve the communities of Toronto.


Administration fee – $1,400

We want the administrative processes to be streamlined every step of the way for your mobile medical van purchase. The administration fee covers the necessary paperwork and ensures that your customized mobile health van complies with all regulations, allowing for smooth operations in Toronto.


Sales tax – 13%

Let’s break down the cost of a $140,000 mobile clinic van with the Toronto tax rates:


Mobile Clinic Van cost: $140,000


GST (goods and services tax): 5%

  • GST = $140,000 * 5% = $7,000


PST (provincial sales tax): 8%

  • PST = $140,000 * 8% = $11,200


Total taxes: GST + PST = $7,000 + $11,200 = $18,200


For a mobile clinic van costing a base price of $140,000 with the Toronto tax rates, the total cost, including GST and PST, would be $158,200. Remember, this price is just a rough estimate used for the purpose of this article. 


Medical van deposit – $50,000

To secure a mobile medical van, a deposit of $50,000 is required. This deposit ensures the reservation of the van and contributes towards the overall purchase cost.


Your next steps with MoveMobility


Mobile medical van with doors open.
Patent pending


You came to this article to learn more about the mobile medical van cost in Toronto. We hope this article has given you some deeper insight into what you can expect to be paying for one of these vehicles.

At this point, you should read through our article on the costs and possibilities of mobile medical van customization. This article will give you a better idea of some of the equipment that can be installed in your van. 

If your organization is having some trouble financially securing a mobile medical van, consider reading our article on how to fundraise for them.

We like to be transparent about things we do at MoveMobility. When you’re making a large investment into something, you should always have a rough idea of what you can expect to be paying. If you have any questions about these costs, don’t hesitate to click the button below to talk to a commercial mobility expert.



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