How Much Does a Wheelchair Van Cost?

Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan

How Much Does a Wheelchair Van Cost?

This is a common question that we receive at MoveMobility; as every wheelchair user, transportation provider and community has unique needs, there is not a one size fits all van. There are two main components that make up the cost of a wheelchair accessible vehicle:

1. The van itself.

2. The conversion (process of making it wheelchair accessible).

For personal use, the conversion (not including the van) can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000 on top of the price of the van. This cost is dependant on the type of vehicle and the cost of the wheelchair accessible vehicle. Additional features include, but aren’t limited to, manual or powered ramp, additional seating, van make and model, and more. If you’re looking for pricing for an accessible van for an organization or community, call 888-657-4010 today to get in touch with our Mobility Consultants.

For insight on the cost of a wheelchair van, visit our Inventory Page on our website, which is a great resource to see current pricing for a variety of wheelchair accessible vehicles. When deciding between a new or pre-owned accessible vehicle, it’s always important to first determine your overall budget. Initial costs of pre-owned vehicles are generally more budget friendly when compared to new vehicles. All MoveMobility’s wheelchair accessible vehicles are rigorously inspected to ensure they meet all safety standards and are in immaculate condition before leaving our locations.

Rear Entry of Side Entry

Rear Entry or Side Entry refer to where on the van the ramp or lift is located for wheelchair access. The choice between the Rear Entry or Side Entry conversion not only affects the cost of the vehicle, but also the availability depending on whether you are looking for a new or pre-owned van. Rear Entry conversions can be done to new or gently used vehicles. However, Side Entry conversions require more extensive modifications so must be done using new vehicles provided by MoveMobility. The cost for a Rear Entry conversion to a minivan, such as the Dodge Grand Caravan or Toyota Sienna typically ranges between $15,000 and $20,000. Whereas, the Side Entry conversions can cost up to $40,000. The cost of the wheelchair accessible van conversion is an important factor to consider when deciding what type of van will work best for your accessibility needs.

Contact MoveMobility for Help with Pricing

You can speak with a Mobility Consultant by calling 888-657-4010 for a free consultation and needs’ analysis to address your current situation, budget and answer questions you may have about wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Our team of Mobility experts have years of experience and expertise and are able to assist you to find the ideal vehicle for you whether it’s for personal, family, or commercial use. Additionally, there are Personal Financing or Commercial Leasing options available.

Vehicles MoveMobility Converts in-house for Wheelchair Transportation:

MoveMobility is currently able to complete wheelchair accessible conversions at our Winnipeg and Mississauga locations. We work on Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, and Toyota. For instance, the Dodge (Rear Entry Grand Caravan and Dodge Ram Promaster) are popular vehicles among transportation providers and those, such as, community living organizations who provide outings for their clients. The Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan is a commonly used vehicle for those that have a smaller clientele and are looking for an affordable minivan. The Ford (Transit) is available as a Rear Lift conversion and you will commonly see it in rural communities. Toyota (Sienna) Rear Entry can withstand long-term use and wear-and-tear as a commercial use vehicle. Mercedes (Metris and Sprinter) are luxurious vehicles that live up to the “Mercedes” reputation and the standards of those looking for a top-of-the-line vehicle for personal use or for their residents.

Check out our Inventory Online. You can filter the price that fits in your budget or call 888-657-4010 to have a Mobility Consultant help you find the right wheelchair accessible vehicle.