Must-Have Features in Microtransit Vehicle Design

Must have features of microtransit vehicle design

Over the past few years, the importance of on-demand and microtransit has been steadily increasing. This increase is due to an aging population, various social and economic factors, and the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic created for transit providers.

At MoveMobility, we have heard from many on-demand service providers who want to embrace the microtransit model. They achieve this by adding new vehicles or replacing aging vehicles in their on-demand fleet. However, growing this arm of their business has recently created a new challenge: they are struggling to find a vehicle that is suitable for their program.

What should on-demand and paratransit service providers look for in a suitable vehicle?

Through consultation with microtransit providers, we were given the must-have features for a vehicle specifically designed for on-demand and paratransit services. These included:

🚌   Smaller footprint: Moving away from large cutaway buses often eliminates the need for a specialized license. Smaller accessible vehicles are better suited for door-to-door service, especially serving wheelchair passengers.

💰   Achievable ROI: Smaller microtransit vehicles typically have a smaller price tag when compared to a bus. When combined with significantly lower operating costs and a longer average life span, this ensures a realistic and achievable return on investment.

💺   Passenger comfort: From the ride quality to increasing passengers’ feelings of dignity by having one barrier-free entrance for all passengers, passenger comfort is a top priority for on-demand transit providers. With passenger satisfaction comes increased ridership.

Designing microtransit vehicles for specific transit system needs

Armed with this information, MoveMobility developed a line of purpose-built microtransit vehicles. Designed specifically for on-demand transit service, these accessible vehicles incorporate the must-have features requested.

We understand that each on-demand transit provider is different and that MoveMobility’s microtransit vehicle innovations may not be a fit for every application. However, if you can relate to challenges affecting ridership such as lack of accessibility, rider discomfort, or declining ridership, reach out to MoveMobility here.


MoveMobility P3 Microtransit Vehicle Design

MoveMobility P4 Microtransit Vehicle Design

MoveMobility P5 Microtransit Vehicle Design