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How Long Does it Take to Get a Wheelchair Van?

This article covers the definition of "lead times", what factors can impact how long it will take your vehicle to get to you, and what the process of buying a wheelchair van from MoveMobility looks like.
MoveMobility van conversion build process

There’s always one question we get asked here at MoveMobilty within our first few conversations with clients: 

How long does it take to get a wheelchair van?

Of course, we understand why this question is so frequently asked. Time is a valuable thing–especially your time. And here at MoveMobility, we take your time seriously. 

That’s why we’re going to answer all of your questions about timelines and the process of securing a wheelchair van in 2023 right here, right now. 

By the end of this article, you’ll know the definition of “lead times”, what factors can impact your timeline, and the steps we would take you through if you decided to purchase one of our vans. 

First, let’s define what you’ll probably hear our sales team talk about a lot during this process: lead times. 

What is a lead time?

A lead time is the amount of time that will pass between you ordering a wheelchair-accessible van to that van being in your driveway. 

Now that we understand what lead times are, let’s jump into your first burning question: 

How long will it take for your van to get to you?

Your lead time depends on 4 key factors

The time it will take to have your van in front of you depends on many factors–some that are in your control, and some that are out of it. 

These factors include: 

  1. Where you are in the process of securing your van
  2. The time of the year and where you are
  3. The vehicle you ordered
  4. The vans we have in stock

1. Where you are in the process

The process of ordering your van can be a long one. This is because of all the stages in-between ordering and delivering–from taking payment to making the conversions. 

If you decide to buy a wheelchair van from MoveMobility, there will be 3 main stages you’ll go through: 

Stage 1: What you’ll do for us

  • Read over our terms
  • Provide a deposit (deposit amount will depend on the conversion you chose) 
  • Sign papers and a sales agreement
wheelchair van leasing

Stage 2: What we will do for you

  • Put your vehicle into our production schedule
  • Assign you a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)/slot in production
  • Convert your vehicle
  • Notify you that your van is ready

Curious about what customer service looks like from MoveMobility? Check out this article.

Stage 3: Your final payment to MoveMobility

And finally, the last stage is you making your final payment to us. After that, delivery will be arranged and then the van is yours. 

So, where you are in this process can affect your timeline. 

But these two factors affect your timeline the most: the time of the year and where you live. 

2. The time of the year and where you live

MoveMobility winter wheelchair van trail edition

Our lead times are constantly changing depending on the time of the year. But generally, they fall between three to eight months. That being said, if you have a specific deadline in mind, we do our best to accommodate it. 

An important factor to consider is where you are. If you live in or near Winnipeg, Manitoba, you have the option to pick up the vehicle you ordered.

But if you live outside of Manitoba, we will ship the vehicle to you. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, this means the further you are from us, the longer it will take for the van to get to you. 

3. The vehicle you ordered

Different vehicles we offer take more or less time to convert. 

For example, our P Series vans (Ram Promaster) have a lead time of about three to six months. 

Of course, this isn’t to say you should choose a vehicle based on how long it will take to get to you–you should always choose what vehicle and conversions are right for you. 

With that in mind, we also offer the option of special orders–meaning you could ask for very specific conversions we don’t typically offer. 

Special orders can take anywhere from six months to two years to complete, depending on how difficult they are to build. 

If you’re wondering how much a wheelchair van costs, check out this article.

4. The vans we have in stock

A question we get asked is “do we have vans in stock?” 

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, we do have vans available. But they haven’t all been converted to be wheelchair-accessible yet. 

That’s why our lead times have so much range. 

The easiest way to figure out what vans we have in stock is to talk to a MoveMobility expert

Your next steps to ordering your van

You came to this article wondering how long it would take for your van to get to you and what the process of ordering a wheelchair van in 2023 looks like. 

And after reading it, you’ve learned the definition of “lead times”, what factors can impact your timeline, and the steps we would take you through if you decided to purchase one of our vans. 

Ultimately, you’ve learned that lead times are different for every order, and that they can change drastically depending on when you make your purchase.

Now you may be feeling concerned over your own timeline, but don’t worry–we will be here every step of the way to take you through the process. 

Do you want an update on our current lead times? Talk to a MoveMobility expert. 

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