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MoveMobility vs. Dealerships for Wheelchair Vans: Which is Right for You?

In this article, you'll directly compare us with a dealership to find out which option is right for you.
MoveMobility van conversion build process

You know you need a wheelchair van, but where should you go to purchase one? 

Purchasing a wheelchair van is an investment of both time and money. If you go with the option not suited to your organization, you could end up spending more money than you needed to–either on repairs or an advanced wheelchair van you didn’t need. 

So, you want to be informed on the different options you have when it comes to buying a wheelchair van in Canada–from MoveMobility or a dealership. 

Which is why in this article, you’re going to directly compare and contrast us with a dealership local to you, to find out which option is best for your organization. 

Obviously, we have a stake in the game when it comes to a question like this. That being said, we promise in this article to give you the facts, and only the facts, so that you can make this important decision on your own. 

Wheelchair vans from MoveMobility vs. dealerships: what are the differences

There are three major differences between wheelchair vans from MoveMobility vs. a dealership: the seller’s expertise, the customization of the van, and the service you can get after buying the van.  

Seller’s expertise with MoveMobility

At MoveMobility, we design, build, distribute, and sell our products and services. Everything starts and ends with us. We specialize specifically in wheelchair accessible vehicles.  

This means when you order from us, you’re ordering from a manufacturer that completely understands accessibility needs–because accessible vehicles are all we do. 

Our technician experts specifically choose vehicle models that are sturdy enough to handle extensive conversions–and last for years. 

Seller’s expertise with a dealership local to you

Dealerships don’t design or build products or services–they sell them. They often offer a couple of different brands and products or services from other manufacturers that are tailored toward their market. 

A general dealership does not specialize in wheelchair accessible vehicles, which means they likely won’t have the level of understanding needed to find you the highest-quality van that will meet all of your organization’s needs. 

A dealership may find you a wheelchair van, but that wheelchair van could be used. And if it is, it can be difficult to know important factors about the vehicle like its accident history or how to use the accessible conversion. 

Customization in a MoveMobility wheelchair van

When you order a MoveMobility van, you get to tailor that van to your specific needs. 

You get to choose: 

  • A full size van or a minivan
  • A rear entry van or a side entry van
  • A manual ramp, powered ramp, or lift

This kind of customization means you get to completely personalize the van, giving you a higher chance of fulfilling your organization’s needs. 

Customization in a dealership wheelchair van

When you order a wheelchair van from a dealership, there is little to no customization available from the dealership itself.

The dealership may find you a used wheelchair van that already has a ramp or a lift installed. This means you won’t get to choose the specific conversions best-suited to your organization’s needs. 

For example, if your clients use walkers, they may be uncomfortable using a lift every day because it carries them about three feet into the air. So, customizing your van and making sure it has a manual or power ramp instead of a lift may be important. 

To put it simply: going to a dealership for a wheelchair van decreases how personalized the van will be to your organization. 

MoveMobility vs. dealerships: how is pricing different?

Wheelchair vans from dealerships can appear cheaper because the price only includes the chassis–or, the van before it’s converted. They may also have added expenses–or “hidden fees”–which is common with some dealerships. 

At MoveMobility, our minivans range from about $92,000 to $110,000 and our full size vans range from about $110,000 to $180,000*. Learn more about what factors influence our prices here

*These price ranges are estimated, average amounts, and are subject to change without notice. 

MoveMobility vs. dealerships: what does the service look like?

MoveMobility vs. Dealerships

A dealership offers service, but they won’t know how to service the accessible conversion part of the van. If you buy a van and send it away for conversion, and that van ends up needing repairs, you will have to contact the company that converted the van. 

MoveMobility offers lifelong service before, during, and after the buying process. We offer services like maintenance and repairs for ramps and lifts. 

Even if you don’t buy a wheelchair van from us, our services still apply to anyone in Canada with a wheelchair van. Learn more about service from MoveMobility here

Who is MoveMobility right for?

MoveMobility may be right for: 

  • Organizations who need a customized van
  • Organizations in need of more than one wheelchair van
  • Organizations who want to work with a mobility-specific company

Who is a dealership right for?

A dealership may be right for personal users or organizations who don’t need specific customizations on their van.

Your next steps for choosing between MoveMobility and a dealership

You came to this article to learn if buying a wheelchair van from MoveMobility or a dealership local to you is better for your organization. 

Now, you know the differences between the two in terms of the seller’s expertise, the customization of the van, and the service you can get after buying the van.  

If you still aren’t sure which option is right for you, talk to a MoveMobility expert now. 

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