Review of the 2016 Ram Promaster 2500 Mobility Van

ram promaster
Ram Promaster Full-Size Mobility Van

Unparalleled Value Comes Standard With The Ram Promaster


When it comes to full-size wheelchair accessible vans, Ram has done a very good job to compete with the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Nissan NV. The new 2016 RAM Promaster 2500 vans are now becoming available. They are just as awesome as the 2015 models.


Overall Review

The Ram Promaster 2500 comes as a 159” wheelbase. There are extended models available. The model I will be reviewing is the high roof window van model. This is the model used for our mobility full-sized wheelchair van. The wheelchair van handles well, offers a lot of cargo space and has a sleek but simple euro design. The Ram Promaster was modeled after the Fiat Ducato. This wheelchair accessible model has been driven in Europe for a long time. The Ram Promaster makes for the ideal mobility vehicle as it offers a lot of space. It gives you the ability to stand up straight and walk around. Aesthetically, the wheelchair van is a bit more utilitarian inside. Overall, it offers the main comforts needed. As well, the wheelchair van comes with Dodge’s UConnect allowing for Bluetooth hands-free driving.



The Ram Promaster is priced competitively with other full-size wheelchair vans on the market. Price is dependent on the model you purchase. Price will also be affected by the mobility upfit done to the vehicle. For example, a van with a wheelchair lift and six wheelchair positions will cost differently than a Promaster used completely for shuttling people around without a wheelchair.



Ram used the same engine as they did in the 2015 Ram Promaster. The van uses a V-6 gasoline 3.6 Litre Pentastar engine. Chrysler now uses the same engine in their sedans, utility vehicles, and pickups. The engine is 280 horsepower, 260 pound feet of torque and comes with a standard six speed automatic transmission. The engine can handle a combined weight rating of 11,500 pounds that is perfect for transporting passengers and wheelchairs. When you accelerate in the Ram Promaster, it transitions smoothly through the gears giving you a nice acceleration. The wheelchair van is front wheel drive. Most vans on the market are rear wheel. Drivers tend to like front wheel drive as it provides more security when driving in poor road conditions. Drivers feel like they have more control.



Ram used a uni-body construction when building the Promaster as well as the bumper is made up of three pieces. This means if the van is in a low-level impact, the parts can be quickly and easily replaced. The van comes with the typical security features found in a passenger vehicle like electronic security control and a trailer sway control. The van also comes with a backup camera to make for easy backing up.

Seating & Flooring

The Ram Promaster 2500 window van works very well as a mobility vehicle. The Auto-Floor by MoveMobility is installed in the van and offers over 1000 seating configuration. The Auto-Floor is unique as it allows for the seating configuration to be changed over in minutes. This is a huge advantage. It easily allows for the van to be used for multiple purposes. The flooring is lightweight, easy to clean and configure. The floor is CMVSS/FMVSS tested and certified.



Overall the 2016 Ram Promaster is a great van. It works very well as a mobility vehicle. The size and value provided by the van is one of the best in the market. It offers the safety drivers want, the space for passengers and good value overall.


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