Vehicle Operation Resources


Thank you for partnering with MoveMobility for your new wheelchair accessible vehicle purchase. Please note that this information is only relevant to vehicles provided by MoveMobility and is provided as a guide. Please contact our Customer Care Team for further assistance.

Below are resources you will find helpful to operate your new wheelchair accessible vehicle from MoveMobility. Please read the information pertaining to your mobility vehicle thoroughly and ensure other users of the van are aware of best practices, maintenance, and proper use of the mobility equipment.

Please reach out to MoveMobility's Customer Care Team at 877-781-8267 or [email protected] with any vehicle, service, or warranty-related questions.

Accessible Minivans

How-To Video: Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan Orientation

Includes instruction for securing wheelchair occupants.

Accessible Full Size Vans

(Full Size Vans Only)

How-To Video: Side Entry Ramp Promaster (P Series) Orientation

Includes instruction for the following vehicle designs:
- P3 (136" WB, Low Roof Ram Promaster)
- P4 (159" WB, High Roof Ram Promaster)
- P5 (159" EXT WB, High Roof Ram Promaster)

Includes instruction on the following:
- Manual and Powered Ramp operation
- Transit door operation
- Adding, removing, and moving seats with AutoFloor floor track system
- Securing wheelchair occupants using wheelchair restraint systems
- D409 Equipment storage
- Overall vehicle operation advice
- Service and warranty assistance

Hydraulic Lift/Power Ramp Operation

(Full Size Vans Only)

An operator's manual and video disc are located on the side of the lift. It is recommended that anyone who will operate the lift review this.

Lift Operation Instructions:

  1. Vehicle engine running
  2. Hand brake engaged (located on left side of driver’s seat)
  3. Vehicle in park
  4. Open doors to lift, fastening these using the door straps
  5. Ensure the power switch on the lift is in the upright position
  6. Press FOLD on the hand-held lift control, then UNFOLD. This will release the lift if it has settled during transportation. It is important to do this each time the lift is used.
  7. When deploying the lift for the first several times, you may need to press on the lift with your foot as it reaches the ground, to allow the outer barrier plate to open completely. This is the necessary when an occupant is using the lift.

P Series Transit Bus-Style Door Operation

(P Series Vans Only)

The bi-fold transit doors can be activated using the switch located by the driver’s seat. The doors must be fully open before using the ramp.

The bi-fold transit doors can be activated from the driver’s switch while the van is turned off, however the van cannot be shifted into Drive while the doors are open.

An emergency release lever is located above the bi-fold transit doors. In an emergency, release the lever and open the doors.

Full Size Van Wheelchair Restraint Systems

(Full Size Vans Only)

SmartSeats - Adding, Removing, and Reconfiguring Seat Layouts

Click here for information on releasing and moving the SmartSeats.