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Humberview Mobility vs. MoveMobility

If you’re currently researching wheelchair accessible and/or mobile medical companies, read this article on Humberview Mobility vs. MoveMobility.
Side Entry Ford Transit T6 wheelchair van parked at Neilson Creative Centre in Mississauga, ON

Is your organization finally ready to purchase a wheelchair accessible or mobile medical vehicle? If so, you’re probably at the point where you’re researching potential vendors. Humberview Mobility vs. MoveMobility are two options you can choose from. 

Partnering with the right vendor is extremely important. Choosing the wrong one can lead to quality and safety concerns. Other issues it can cause are non-compliance with regulations, limited customization options, and poor customer support.

At MoveMobility, our goal has always been to be fully transparent in our pricing, what we offer, and how we operate. We never want to see you regret your purchase. We hope that by the end of reading this article, you’ll have a better idea of which company you want to purchase your vehicle from.

In this article, you’ll learn about the differences between Humberview Mobility and MoveMobility. Keep in mind that all information in this article is publicly available.


Who is Humberview Mobility?

Humberview Mobility is located in Toronto, Ontario. When you first visit the website of Humberview Mobility, it might remind you of a car dealership. The main difference is that they sell accessible vans instead of regular vehicles. 

They have a team of full-time certified technicians who install and fix wheelchair lifts. They also provide driving equipment for those who need controls to operate a vehicle.

Humberview Mobility has a selection of new and used options, including popular models like:

  • Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Chrysler Pacifica
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Honda Odyssey

These vehicles are modified by BraunAbility. They have a strong focus on easy accessibility through rear and side entry vehicles.

Humberview Mobility works closely with clients and healthcare professionals to make vehicles accessible for individual needs. Certified mobility technicians are there for essential services and repairs for conversion vehicles and adaptive equipment.

Humberview Mobility is part of The Humberview Group, which is a large automotive dealer group in Canada. The company provides solutions for both personal and commercial users. While the focus is on meeting the individual needs of personal users, the company also accommodates commercial users and programs, provided the van aligns with their specific requirements.


Who is MoveMobility?

mobility van with powered ramp and doors parked in parking lot


At MoveMobility, our goal is simple. We create innovative vehicles that break barriers in healthcare and transportation. We want to lead the way in making vehicles accessible for everyone. Our core values are innovation, integrity, and inclusion.

Innovation in accessibility: We’re always thinking of new ways to improve travel and healthcare for your clients and patients. Our team of engineers uses advanced technology to design vans that meet your needs. The P Series and M Series vans show our commitment to making sure everyone can use our vehicles no matter what their mobility level is.

Integrity in partnership: We’re a manufacturer, not a dealership. We’re here to understand your transportation challenges and guide you to the best solution. Every vehicle modification we do is certified and approved by Transport Canada, so you can trust in our commitment to safety.

Inclusion for all: Our vision is to remove inequalities in health and transportation. We hold certifications from top vehicle manufacturers like Ford and Mercedes Benz. This ensures the highest safety and quality standards.

Investing in innovation and development: We believe in always improving. In the last 5 years, we’ve invested millions to create new and user-friendly accessible vehicles. We have over 50 Canadian fleet partners, and we build strong relationships to provide you with high-quality, reliable accessible vehicles through partnerships with industry leaders like Stellantis (FCA), Ford, and Mercedes Benz. In October 2023, we were proudly awarded the Q-Pro Quality Certificate by STELLANTIS.


What are the main differences between Humberview Mobility vs. MoveMobility?

The big difference between Humberview Mobility and MoveMobility is how we do business. Humberview Mobility acts like a dealership, while MoveMobility is a manufacturer.


The dealership difference

When you go to Humberview Mobility’s website, it’s like walking into a dealership. You see tabs to buy new and used vehicles, trade-ins, financing, and even a dealership section. It’s all about selling vehicles.

At MoveMobility, you won’t get that dealership vibe from us. That’s because we’re not just focused on selling – we’re making. We design and build innovative vehicles from the ground up. Our focus is on breaking barriers in healthcare and transportation.


The product differences

Here’s another big difference: mobile medical vehicles. Humberview Mobility doesn’t talk about or offer these unique healthcare solutions. But at MoveMobility, we’re proud to have four different mobile medical vehicles. These special units help bring healthcare where it’s needed most, even in remote areas.

Humberview Mobility provides various wheelchair-accessible vehicles, including popular models with conversions by trusted brands. They follow the typical dealership way of doing things, serving personal and commercial needs.

Our team at MoveMobility takes a different path. Our main goal goes beyond just selling – it’s about creating. We’re all about making purpose-built solutions. Our dedication to innovation, integrity, and inclusion shines through in our focus on mobile medical vehicles and making transportation accessible and healthcare available for everyone. 

We work with organizations like:

  • First Nations & Indigenous organizations
  • Community living & adult day programs
  • Outreach and support organizations
  • Public transit agencies
  • Regional health authorities


Humberview Mobility vs. MoveMobility: Which should you choose? 

So, you’ve got two options – Humberview Mobility and MoveMobility. Let’s figure out which one might be the right pick for you.

Humberview Mobility: If you like the idea of a classic dealership, Humberview Mobility is a good choice. They’ve got new wheelchair vans, used ones, trade-ins, and financing. It’s like walking into a big store with lots of options, perfect for personal or business needs. If you want something familiar and easy, like a regular car shop, Humberview Mobility is a good match.

MoveMobility: Now, if you need more than just a regular vehicle, that’s where MoveMobility comes in. We’re not your typical shop; we’re the ones who create fully customized solutions. Choose MoveMobility if you want a personalized and tailored approach made just for your organization. 

In addition, MoveMobility should be your choice if you’re looking for a mobile medical vehicle. 

Here are the options we offer at MoveMobility:

MR Model (Mobile Medical Response Van): A non-emergency medical van with stretcher access, storage, and a mobile treatment space.

MC Model (Mobile Medical Clinic Van): A mobile clinic bringing healthcare directly to clients, like a “doctor’s office on wheels.”

MO Model (Mobile Outreach Van): Perfect for street outreach teams, offering transportation and a safe workspace on the go.

MM Model (Mobile Mitigation Van): A sterile space for safe injection practices, preventing infections, overdoses, and promoting health.

Check out this article to learn more about our mobile medical vans. 

Whether it’s mobile medical vehicles or ones designed for wheelchairs, we’re here to create options that fit exactly what you need. If you need a custom-made solution to break down barriers in healthcare and transportation, MoveMobility is your choice.


Your next steps with MoveMobility

paratransit van with side entry power ramp and bus doors
P3 Wheelchair Accessible Van – Patent pending


You came to this article while looking for more information on vendors for your next wheelchair accessible or mobile medical vehicle. 

You learned all about Humberview Mobility vs. MoveMobility, and we left you with some recommendations on which company to choose for what purposes.

For another vendor comparison, check out our article on Goldline Mobility vs. MoveMobility. At this stage, you should also look at our article on your payment options with MoveMobility.




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