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Pre-Owned Vans for Wheelchair Accessibility

Which pre-owned vans can be converted for wheelchair accessibility?

A pre-owned wheelchair accessible van is an affordable option for many families who have a budget to stick to. We often receive inquiries asking about options for converting a used van, such as what makes and model years can be modified. MoveMobility can modify pre-owned vans to be wheelchair accessible, providing the van is suitable.

Criteria for Converting Pre-Owned Vans

Vehicle Information:

MoveMobility inspects pre-owned vehicles thoroughly to ensure they are in good condition. We confirm they are compliant with the safety standard requirements. Guidelines for modifying used vans typically include:

  1. Age restriction
  2. Kilometre limit
  3. Body condition
  4. Make and model of the vehicle

Wheelchair conversions can be expensive. Rear Entry conversions typically cost between $15,000-$20,000. To get an idea of the cost of converting a pre-owned van, take into consideration the condition of the vehicle, the kilometres and market value (pre-conversion). To determine if a conversion can be done on the pre-owned vehicle you have in mind, contact MoveMobility for confirmation.

Vehicle Terms:

MoveMobility is certified to perform rear entry conversions on the Dodge Grand Caravan and Toyota Sienna. Our certification for the Dodge Grand Caravan took effect after the 2008 re-design of the Grand Caravan and our certification for the Toyota Sienna dates to 2011. This means our conversion has been successfully crash tested and meets or exceeds Transport Canada’s Safety Standards. MoveMobility’s general rule is to not convert a vehicle with over 100,000 kilometres for Rear Entry; at this stage, the vehicle has depreciated so significantly that converting the vehicle to be wheelchair accessible does not make fiscal sense. We will occasionally make an exception to this, but only after our team completes an inspection to determine whether the rust and other wear and tear damage to the vehicle is minimal enough to allow for the conversion.

There are further limitations and increased expenses involved with Side Entry conversions, and we determine which pre-owned vehicles qualify to be converted on a case by case basis. If you would like to know if your pre-owned van qualifies for a side entry conversion, please contact MoveMobility.

Please Note: Certain third party funders have their own set of guidelines for van conversions, for example, if a van is more than 3 years old or has more than 80,000 kilometres, it will not qualify for DHSU (Disability and Health Supports Unit Manitoba) funding. Always contact MoveMobility prior to purchasing a pre-owned van if you are not sure whether it can be converted for wheelchair accessibility.

What are the Reasons behind These Guidelines?

The reason for the conditions and terms: during the conversion process, the vehicle’s floor is lowered and modifications are made to allow for a wheelchair passenger to enter the vehicle and be safely secured with adequate headroom. If there is rust or damage to any part of the vehicle, the vehicle may not pass a safety inspection and passengers may not be stable. MoveMobility wants to ensure that we are completing a wheelchair accessible conversion on a vehicle that will have a number of a years on the road.

An Affordable Solution:

We understand that as an organization, family or individual, you might have a budget in mind when looking for a wheelchair accessible van. Occasionally, Mobility Dealers may advertise pre-owned wheelchair accessible vehicles on their website with brand new conversions. This is a great way to enjoy a newly converted van, without the cost of a new vehicle chassis (you might save around $10,000). There are third party websites such as Kijiji with affordable options if a lower budget is your main priority.

Our Team is Here to Help

A pre-owned vehicle can be a great purchase option if you are in the market for a wheelchair van. It’s important to first consult with a mobility van manufacturer to determine if the vehicle you are considering can be converted to wheelchair accessibility to fit your needs. MoveMobility is here to help you become more informed about the options for wheelchair accessible vans before making your decision. Reach out today at 888-657-4010!



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