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Top 5 Uses of the NEMT Van


Think about someone on the side of the road who’s just been in a minor car accident. They need to get to a hospital, but they’re also in some pain that makes it difficult to sit upright. Traditional vehicles don’t have the accessibility for stretchers, and that’s exactly what this person needs. Calling 911 is usually the first thing you’d normally do, but what if they’re experiencing high call volumes?

At MoveMobility, we’ve taken pride over the last decade in crafting cutting-edge mobile medical vans that organizations like yours can use to bring healthcare services to communities and neighborhoods all over Canada. We help people by helping organizations like yours shatter barriers to healthcare, ensuring that everyone, no matter where they are, receives the assistance they need.

There are other ways to address problems exactly like the one we mentioned earlier in this article. One solution is non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). As you keep reading, you’ll learn about what NEMT is and about the top 5 uses of the NEMT van from MoveMobility.


What is non-emergency medical transportation?

Non-emergency medical transportation helps people go to the doctor and get medical attention when it’s not a full-blown, life-or-death emergency. It’s similar to having a helping hand who takes your patients to their medical appointments and back home.

Why is NEMT important?

Non-urgent healthcare: NEMT helps patients go to the doctor and get non-urgent care along the way. It gives people who find it hard to move around more freedom since they don’t have to find alternative methods of transportation from anyone else. 

Timely medical visits: Sometimes people put off seeing a doctor because they don’t have transportation to get to them. NEMT provides scheduled rides and helps individuals get to appointments without delays. 

Social equity: NEMT embodies the principles of social equity by removing transportation as a barrier to healthcare. This service is particularly important for vulnerable populations, including the elderly, disabled, and those living in rural areas, ensuring that healthcare access is a right, not a privilege dictated by personal circumstances.


What is the NEMT van?


Interior of the Mobile Response Van (NEMT Van)
Patent pending


The NEMT van is also commonly referred to as the Mobile Response Van, and it’s not just any type of van. This van is specifically designed to make going to the doctor or getting medical help easier for people with non-urgent healthcare needs.

Unlike an ambulance, our NEMT van isn’t for really sick patients who need emergency critical care because it’s not equipped with the equipment for it. Instead, it’s a comfortable and organized space where patients can get the care they need for less serious situations.

While the NEMT van usually helps move patients or responds to not-so-urgent medical needs, it can also turn into an urgent care clinic. That means it can bring medical help right to your patients without putting strain on overcrowded emergency rooms


Who is the NEMT van perfect for?


Many different types of organizations can use the NEMT van. The van has space for things like bloodwork, check-ups, and even moving someone on a stretcher.

Workplace safety teams: The NEMT van is like a mini hospital when accidents happen at work. It has what’s needed to treat basic injuries on the spot. This makes it a great solution for workplace safety teams that might not be near a hospital. 

Remote locations: Some remote locations throughout Canada are far from the doctor’s office or hospital. The NEMT van helps by bringing healthcare to these distant regions where people might not have easy access to it.

Support for the homeless: The NEMT van instantly feels like a safe space for homeless folks. Organizations with social workers can bring medical help to where homeless people are to make it easier for them to get care.

In the next section, you’ll learn about some of the different uses of NEMT vans. 


Top 5 uses of the NEMT van

NEMT vans have many different uses. Keep reading to find out what they are.


1. Comfortable transportation for medical appointments

The NEMT van shines as a comfortable solution for bringing patients to medical appointments. It has wipe-clean, transit-grade seats to ensure a clean interior. These seats are also lightweight and removable. That means your patients have maximum flexibility in their seating arrangements. 

It has a bright and professional atmosphere with medical-friendly finishes that make the journey pleasant for everyone involved. If any of your patients use oxygen, they can take advantage of the secured oxygen bottle holders. 

If your medical team requires quick access to supplies to help your patients during the ride, the slider openings on the aluminum cabinetry make it much easier to access. 

Meet Grandma Sue – she loves her check-ups but moving around isn’t as easy now. The NEMT van ensures she reaches the doctor feeling relaxed and happy. With soft seats and equipment like oxygen nearby – it’s like a little medical haven on the way to staying healthy. Our van makes sure everyone gets to their appointments with a smile.


2. Mobile medical support where you need it

Beyond just comfortable rides, the NEMT van serves as a traveling hub for on-the-go medical support. It’s designed to be an efficient space that’s ready to bring healthcare to communities all around Canada. It has first responder kit bags, first aid kits, AEDs, and defibrillators for situations that might get a bit out of hand. 

Let’s look at an example of how the NEMT can be used for medical support: Meet James, a gentleman in a rural area with limited access to medical facilities. James is in a situation where he needs regular check-ups and first-aid support. 

Here’s where the NEMT van can step in. Those wipe-clean seats we mentioned earlier? They make sure James receives medical care in a clean and comfortable space. The lightweight seats and durable aluminum cabinets? They’re the backbone that provides flexibility and quick access to supplies.

As James steps into the van, he instantly feels like he’s in a mobile medical support center that’s tailored to his needs. The NEMT van ensures that quality healthcare travels with him right to the hospital. It breaks down barriers and brings essential medical services directly to where they’re needed most.


3. Crisis response and disaster relief

The NEMT van is a big help during emergencies and disasters. With special features like built-in oxygen control and a system for heating and cooling, it turns into a mobile medical unit ready to respond quickly.

Imagine a situation like a big winter blizzard in a northern community with residents who have breathing difficulties. Your organization shows up with a NEMT van to lend a hand. Bright lights and flashing signals make it easy to spot, giving people a sense of hope and help in tough times.

The built-in oxygen control makes sure there’s enough oxygen for those who need it, while the heating system keeps everyone comfortable and warm. It gives them a few moments of peace from the bitterly cold weather outside.  


4. Stretcher transportation


NEMT Van interior with aluminum cabinetry and stretcher
Stretcher and attendant seat layout example


The NEMT also stands out for people with special care needs who need stretcher transportation. With a special floor-secured stretcher in the van, it turns into a helpful and safe ride for people who need extra care during transportation.

Imagine a situation where someone needs more than just a regular seat since they can’t sit upright properly. The NEMT van’s special stretcher is there to make sure the patient is safe and comfortable.  

If you happen to get another call on the way to the hospital from someone else who needs medical help, the van can change its setup on the go so that you have even more flexibility for different medical needs and ensure you leave no one behind.


5. Urgent care clinic in First Nations and Indigenous communities

In First Nations communities in Canada, getting to a doctor or hospital can be really hard because they’re often far away. This is where NEMT vans come in and make a big difference. 

Imagine living in a beautiful place where nature is all around, but the nearest hospital is 8 hours away. Going for a regular check-up or needing urgent care can be worrisome because of the distance. NEMT vans are helpful in these situations because they go directly to the communities.

These vans are important in First Nations communities because they bring healthcare closer to home. They make sure no one has to worry about being too far from a doctor or hospital. It’s a way to make sure everyone can get the care they need, no matter where they live.


Want to explore more about the NEMT Van?

You found this article while looking into non-emergency medical transportation vehicles. We hope this article has given you some information that you can use to come closer to deciding if a NEMT van is the route you want to take. 

At MoveMobility, we believe that healthcare should be a right, not just a privilege. Along with the NEMT van, we also manufacture 3 other types of mobile medical vans. If you’re interested in learning more, click the button at the end of this article to talk to a commercial mobility expert. 

From here, we encourage you to read through our article on the Mobile Response Van vs. Ambulance. This will give you a better idea of which one is right for your organization. 

Beyond just the uses of NEMT vans, read our article on the 5 benefits of mobile medical vans for your organization. 





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