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What is a Mobile Response Van?

In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about the Mobile Response Van (MR Model) from MoveMobility, from what it is, to how much it costs, to if it can be used for off-roading.
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Are you in charge of safety operations at an oil and gas exploration site or mining location and you need an on-site treatment space for non-urgent medical needs?

Is your organization based in a remote community and you’re looking for an option to treat patients without having to travel?

Have you been calling emergency medical services for non-emergency medical needs and you’re wondering if there’s another way to get your patients the help they need?

You may be looking for a vehicle that has all of the convenience of an ambulance, without being an ambulance–you may be looking for a Mobile Response Van (also called the MR Model) from MoveMobility. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the MR Model from MoveMobility from what it is, to how much it costs, to if it can be used for off-roading. 

Read on to discover if the MR Model from MoveMobility is right for your organization. 

What is a Mobile Response Van?

exterior view of non emergency mobile medical van with stretcher and seat inside

A Mobile Response Van is a full size van converted to a simplified treatment space for non-urgent medical needs and transportation.

While similar to an ambulance, the MR Model is not an ambulance. 

It can not be used for unstable patients due to the lack of life support devices and critical care equipment in the van while transferring patients to a hospital. 

How is a Mobile Response Van used?

A Mobile Response Van is typically used as an ambulance alternative for patient transfers and medical response for non-urgent medical needs, however it can be used in many different situations for many different organizations. 

You can even use your Mobile Response Van as an urgent care clinic.

Urgent care clinics help people in immediate need of medical services while reducing traffic to overrun emergency rooms. 

Another way to utilize a Mobile Response Van is to use it as a mobile medical treatment center on remote job sites to help treat injured workers prior to formal emergency response.

What are the advantages of having a Mobile Response Van for your organization?

There are many advantages to getting the MR Model for your organization.

1. They prevent emergency room visits by providing a safe, non-emergency transportation option for clients

A mobile medical van prevents an estimated amount of 600 emergency room visits per year, according to Mobile Health Map, by providing healthcare to individuals where they are–eliminating the need for them to find healthcare elsewhere. 

2. They provide accessible healthcare to remote communities

People in rural areas typically have to travel a long distance to get the services they don’t have access to in their communities. 

A Mobile Response Van can alleviate this issue because people don’t have to travel long distances to get the healthcare they need–the van can come to them. 

3. They improve health outcomes by providing healthcare before health issues become an emergency

Mobile Response Vans can help patients get treatment for health issues early, which means the issues won’t get increasingly worse–and even untreatable–over time. 

How much does a Mobile Response Van cost?

The MR Model from MoveMobility can cost between $130,000 to $250,000, which includes the cost of the van, the medical response van conversion, specialized medical equipment, delivery, and more. 

Click here to learn what makes up the cost of a mobile medical van and why. 

What is included in a Mobile Response Van?

The MR Model includes:

  • Aluminum cabinets
  • Designated storage systems for medical equipment
  • AutoFloor flexible floor and seating system*
  • Stretcher and attendant transport
  • Power supply
  • Rear Heat & Air Conditioning
  • Clean, bright medical environment

*AutoFloor is an innovative floor track and seating system that allows you to configure seats in the vehicle in different layouts. 

As well as on-site medical care, the van can be configured for simple stretcher transportation. The stretcher transportation floor plan enables your organization to: 

  • Secure the stretcher to the floor
  • Change the seating layout on the go

You can also add the following equipment onto your MR Model: 

  •  High capacity heat & air system
  •  Winter tire package
  •  Remote start
  •  Advanced medical equipment

What driving license do you need to drive a Mobile Response Van?

With a Mobile Response Van, you do not need a specialized license* and you are not required to have specific equipment–again, because the MR Model is not used for emergency health situations. 

*This is true for most provinces in Canada, excluding B.C

Mobile Response Van FAQ

Is the MR Model available in 4WD?

No, the MR Model is not available in a 4WD drivetrain. 

The standard drivetrain is FWD. 

Can I have a lift or a ramp installed?

Technically, yes. However, the standard MR Model comes with stretcher and attendant seating only. 

If you’re looking for a wheelchair accessible van specifically, click here to see our other options. 

Can I have a fold down bench seat?

No, the MR Model does not have a fold down bench seat. 

The standard MR Model comes with stretcher and attendant seating only. 

Does the van still have roll over protection? 

Yes! When converting a Ram Promaster van into the MR Model, we do not modify the chassis. 

This means that the roll over protection from the manufacturer is still valid after we convert the van. 

Can a Mobile Response Van be used for off-roading?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. 

With a Trail Edition Upgrade, the MR Model can be used on rough gravel roads.

However, it may not be suitable for reaching industrial sites that don’t have road access. 

Who are Mobile Response Vans right for?

MoveMobility’s Mobile Response/Non-Emergency Mobile Medical Van is adaptable across many sectors and use cases, including:

  • Indigenous communities
  • Housing societies
  • Homeless and addiction programs
  • Non-EMS/patient transfer services
  • Industrial safety providers 

Your next steps to securing a Mobile Response Van for your organization

You came to this article to discover if a Mobile Response Van is right for your organization. 

Now, you’ve learned everything you need to know about the MR Model to make this decision. 

If you’re still not sure if the MR Model is right for your organization, talk to a MoveMobility expert today

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