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Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation and Impact: MoveMobility’s Journey

For two decades, MoveMobility has been committed to removing barriers to healthcare and transportation, leading the way in providing innovative vehicles that are accessible for all.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we reflect on the milestones that have defined our journey. From our first wheelchair van conversion to achieving industry-leading certifications, our commitment to quality and improvement is unwavering.

It’s been a long journey, with significant achievements and a promising future ahead. MoveMobility has consistently prioritized accessibility, innovation, and excellence in our mission to enhance lives.


The early years

Step back to our early days, when MoveMobility’s journey of innovation unfolded. Here, we set the stage for transforming accessibility and independence, shaping the future of mobility solutions.


June 2007: Our first wheelchair van conversion

In June 2007, MoveMobility began its mission to provide freedom and independence with our first wheelchair van conversion. This moment was the catalyst for our ongoing efforts to enhance mobility for individuals with disabilities.


December 2010: Moving to a new facility

Our move from Marjorie St. in December 2010 marked a significant step in our growth. This new facility enabled us to expand our operations and foster innovation, setting the stage for the development of life-saving vehicles.


Brand building and continuous manufacturing


MoveMobility Demo Tour Van - background removed
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Fast forward a few years to the era of brand building and manufacturing in our company. These chapters sculpted MoveMobility’s identity and furthered our commitment to innovating accessible transportation solutions.


January 2014: Launching the MoveMobility brand

January 2014 saw the official launch of the MoveMobility brand. This was more than a rebranding—it was a commitment to revolutionizing the industry with innovative, accessible transportation solutions.


February 9, 2018: Constructing our 200th van

February 2018 was a milestone moment as we celebrated the construction of our 200th van. This achievement underscored our dedication to improving accessible transportation and healthcare solutions.


Expansion and new ventures

Our journey of growth and innovation continued to reach new heights. Here’s a glimpse into the three milestones that shaped our progress.


May 2018: Expanding our shop and opening new locations

In May 2018, MoveMobility completed a major shop expansion and opened a new location in Mississauga on May 14th. These developments enhanced our ability to innovate and serve communities across a broader geographical area.


Spring 2019: Delivering our first medical van

In spring 2019, we delivered our first mobile medical van to the Bigstone Cree Nation in Alberta. This significant achievement showcased our impact on improving healthcare accessibility.


2019: Launch of the P Series and Ford QVM Certification

2019 was marked by the P Series launch and our Ford QVM certification achievement. These milestones highlighted our commitment to safety, quality, and reliable accessible transportation solutions.


Innovation amid challenges


MoveMobility Medical Vans


Even amid challenging times, our dedication to innovation never wavered. Explore how we navigated challenges and forged ahead with groundbreaking advancements.


Fall 2020: Launching the M Series during the pandemic

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we launched the M Series in the fall of 2020. This new line of vehicles demonstrated our resilience and ability to adapt to evolving community needs.


January 2021: Forming the engineering team

In January 2021, we established our engineering team, sparking creativity and groundbreaking solutions that continue to shape our industry.


Enhancing capabilities and customer care

2022 was all about taking big steps to serve our clients and communities better. 


February 2022: Opening the Edmonton sales office

Our Edmonton sales office opened in February 2022, allowing us to better serve clients in Western Canada and expand our reach.


May 2022: Introducing in-house deliveries

In May 2022, we launched our in-house delivery service, enhancing convenience and personalized customer care by delivering our innovative solutions directly to customers.


November 2022: Renovating Lucas Ave. facility

In November 2022, we completed renovations at our Lucas Ave. facility. This upgrade empowered our team to serve the community better with advanced wheelchair-accessible solutions and mobile medical vans.


Adopting advanced technology and achieving certifications


MoveMobility van conversion build process


Our pursuit of excellence and innovation continued through 2022 and into 2023. Learn about the technological advancements, enhanced customer service, and industry certifications that have driven our progress.


December 2022: Investing in CNC Laser and Press Brake

December 2022 marked a significant investment in technology: the purchase of our CNC laser and press brake, paving the way for enhanced precision and efficiency.


August 2022: Establishing the dedicated service team

In August 2022, we established a dedicated service team, raising the bar for customer care with every interaction.


2023: Attaining Stellantis QPRO Certification

In 2023, we proudly achieved Stellantis QPRO Certification, reflecting our persistent dedication to excellence.


Looking to the future

March 2024: Committing to a new facility

In March 2024, we committed to developing a new facility to expand our production capabilities, allowing us to provide more accessible transportation solutions and save more lives.

As we mark our 20th anniversary, we are humbled by the countless lives touched by our mobile medical and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Each innovation and every milestone reflect our dedication to structured excellence and our mission to remove barriers to healthcare and transportation. 

Looking ahead, we remain committed to upholding our values and paving the path towards a more inclusive world, one van at a time.

We at MoveMobility would love to be part of your history. Together, let’s drive towards a future of enhanced accessibility, healthcare, and improved lives.




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