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What Is an Adult Daycare Centre Leasing Program?

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Many adult daycare centres throughout Canada are facing a severe lack of funding to purchase much-needed wheelchair accessible vehicles for their program. If your adult daycare centre is in the same boat, you know how difficult it is and how many problems that transportation barriers cause for individuals in your program.

Without proper wheelchair accessible transportation, participants in your program won’t be able to commute to and from the daycare centre. They may have to rely on less safe or reliable transportation methods, such as public transit. This limited access can cause a lower enrollment rate in your program and result in a larger burden on caregivers.

At MoveMobility, we understand the importance of smooth operations for your program. We’re passionate about eliminating obstacles that hinder your program’s success. That’s why we’re dedicated to breaking transportation barriers by manufacturing a wide range of wheelchair accessible vans. With MoveMobility, you can count on innovative solutions that empower your program to thrive without limitations.

In this article, you’ll learn what an adult daycare centre leasing program is. Keep reading to learn how you can take advantage of it to overcome funding obstacles for wheelchair accessible vehicles.


Is it difficult to get adult daycare centre funding?

Many adult daycare centre organizations find it tough to get money for wheelchair accessible vehicles. Here are some reasons why:

Government funding: Government funding for adult daycare programs is sparse. That makes it tough for organizations to afford a wheelchair accessible vehicle. In addition, funding hasn’t increased enough to keep up with rising costs.

Competition: Getting grants for these vehicles is challenging because lots of agencies compete for the same capital. Sometimes it can feel like a race to get the funding needed.

A lot of adult daycare centres are non-profit agencies with tight budgets. This makes it a struggle to afford wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Overall, because of these challenges, organizations are looking into other ways to get the vehicles they need for their clients.

One of those other ways is the adult daycare centre leasing program. Keep reading to learn more about that and what it entails.


What is the adult daycare leasing program?

Try to think of the adult daycare leasing program as renting out a wheelchair accessible vehicle for a specific period of time. Leasing makes it easier for centres to provide safe and comfortable rides for adults without the big cost of buying a vehicle. Here are the main benefits:

Tailor-made: Our wheelchair vans are designed with accessibility in mind. Your clients will never have to feel like they’re excluded or left out. 

No mileage limits: With a leasing program, you don’t have to worry about how much you drive. There are no extra fees for driving a lot, which means you can use the vehicle as much as you need.

Lower initial costs: You can start using the vehicle right away without a big initial payment.

Small monthly payments: The monthly payments are smaller and easier to handle, which helps keep your organization’s budget in check.

Easier to get budget approval for capital expenses: It’s usually easier to get approval for the capital expenses of leasing than for the big costs needed to buy a vehicle.

Choosing a leasing program means your adult daycare centre can have the right transportation without worrying about big expenses. This lets you keep your focus on safe and accessible transportation instead of the stress of the financials.


How leasing can help overcome funding challenges

Raising all the money needed to buy a wheelchair van can take a long time, and the van’s price might go up while you’re still collecting funds. Leasing is a smart choice because it lets your organization get a van without needing a lot of money upfront right away.

When you lease, you don’t have to pay the full price of the van at once. This saves money for other important things your adult daycare centre needs.

With leasing, your organization can have smaller fundraisers more often to cover the monthly lease payments. This is simpler than trying to fundraise for a huge amount of money all at once and keeps your services running smoothly.

Leasing will also help your organization manage its money better. You won’t have one massive gap in your financial statements due to the purchase of a wheelchair vehicle. 


What options are available after the leasing term expires?

When the lease on a wheelchair van for your adult daycare centre ends, you have a few choices:

Buy out the lease: You can buy out the lease. This option lets you keep using the van for more years. 

Sell the van: You can also choose to sell the van when the lease is up. The money from the sale can go towards leasing a new van. The decision to sell will depend on how well the van has been kept, its mileage, and how much it could sell for. If you’re looking to replace the van, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have. 


What support do you get during your lease?

When you’re leasing a van through MoveMobility, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of support. We’ll assist you in keeping track of how old the van is and how much it’s being driven. This will give you a better idea of when it’s time to get a new van to keep things running smoothly and safely for your clients.

We’ll also advise you on the best time to replace the van. This helps you get the most value by timing your replacement well. When you strategically time your van replacement, you can make the most of your leasing experience and financial resources.


Is there a deadline for adult daycare centre funding?

For many agencies, the end of the fiscal year on March 31st brings a rush to secure funding. This can create challenges, especially when there’s a lack of capital expenditure funding available. While year-end funding is beneficial, it often means facing stiff competition from other agencies with similar needs. 

Leasing provides a solution by allowing your organization to plan ahead and acquire a van when the timing is just right. Unlike purchasing, leasing removes the stress of meeting tight deadlines associated with year-end funding rushes. 


Your next steps with MoveMobility


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You came to this article to learn more about how adult daycare centre leasing works. If you’ve made it this far, you’re now aware that MoveMobility provides a helpful leasing program that will steer your organization one step closer to securing a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Now that you know more about leasing, you should check out our article on how to get wheelchair van service and repairs. This will give you a better idea of what to expect if your van ever breaks down or needs maintenance. 

You should also read our article on some of the reasons why you should lease your wheelchair van since it’s along similar lines to this article. 

For any further questions about leasing a wheelchair-accessible van for your adult day program, feel free to click the button below to reach out to us MoveMobility. As a trusted provider in the industry, we understand the unique challenges agencies face and are here to support you in finding the best solutions. 




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